@brennen The middle distance needs all of our attention in these difficult times.

The aircon repair guys better get their game faces on, I'm melting here!

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Trump real estate appraiser hands over thousands of documents to N.Y. AG in civil probe

Cushman & Wakefield, which was held in contempt for snubbing the attorney general's subpoena, has now turned over nearly 36,000 documents, the AG's office said.

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@vicorva Enjoy your search for joy on this fine day!

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you empathy from the people you interact with ✨

<insert witty thing about what I'm not doing today here>

@checkervest Denver could use some more fog, it's too early to be this hot!

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Happy Tuesday! It's foggy out this morning which is the best kind of morning. How's everyone doing?

@dexiheart Ahh yes, the old "freak sleeping accident" wounds.

I hate those.

@thor pretty sad, but I try not to kink shame. If that's what someone wants to parade about, go get um!

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ok I'll do it. I'll post a favourite game of mine for every like I get

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if Nebula was my sole video streaming service, it would *heavily* overlap with what i follow on YouTube, so i'd do all right without YouTube.

but i would miss *some* stuff.

and i don't feel i'm missing much by not subscribing to Nebula, sooo...

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I hate it when Jack Daniels follows me home.

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Went for a walk in Duke Gardens this morning and thought I’d share some photos!

The tall orange flowers are called Ginger Lilies. They are actually in the ginger family and aren’t actually lilies.

There are two hens in this picture, preview notwithstanding. The white hen is called a Silky; her name is Q-Tip, and the copper one is named Ginger.

#photography #chickens #florespondence #mosstodon

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the younger millennials don't remember a Microsoft that, at one point, considered Linux to be a disease.

they were actively trying to kill the open source movement. they weren't merely ignoring it or being polite. they were going all in for making it die.

makes it a little hard to trust the new Microsoft. you're always suspecting they'll go back to their old ways.

I find it harder to poison myself since I stopped cooking meat at home.

Maybe vegetarian ain't so bad.

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